Ends on July 16, 2017

We strongly suggest browsing our previously published work before you submit.

Our editors for this open reading period are:

  • Lillian-Yvonne Bertram
  • Chase Berggrun
  • e.e. jarvie
  • Lucian Mattison
  • Talin Tahajian 

Each editor will pick six poets for publication from this reading period. Every member of the journal editorial staff will have an opportunity to review & approve the manuscript for publication before an acceptance is sent. Each editor will also be soliciting one author for publication during this reading period, and these solicitations will go through the same editorial review process.

  • We are looking for:
  • Work that critiques, challenges, or otherwise upends aesthetic norms
  • Poems that use appropriative forms (erasures, centos, cut-ups, et cetera)
  • Long poems
  • Work that is conscious of its position, place, and time
  • Work that builds a set of images that haven’t been seen before
  • Work that knows what it’s trying to do
  • Work that doesn’t censor itself
  • Work that disturbs, upsets, or destabilizes in a potent, productive way
  • Work that produces in the reader a physical reaction
  • Work that is clear and does not try to keep the reader out
  • Work that is fundamentally unafraid of the dark 

Please submit between 3-6 poems for consideration. We do not read submissions blind, so please do not worry about scrubbing your work for any personally identifiable information. 

Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. If you need to withdraw a piece, please do so within the Submittable Notes field.


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